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Jake Slonecker, a director of photography, gimbal operator, and professional
storyteller; cofounded his own production company, CutFocus, and won
prestigious film awards– all before 30 years of age.
Winning an Emmy in 2019 as Cinematographer/Steadicam Operator for an
episode of Sunday to Sunday – has elevated Jake’s storytelling and narrative work.
Now, he has set his sights on developing his Steadicam career.
Every client has a vision. Each frame is part of a scene which is part of a story. Jake
brings together lighting, composition, framing, and impact – to bring your story to
Equipment Jake specializes in:
RED Helium 8k
 Ronin 2
ARRI Alexa mini
Easy Rig
Music videos have provided a fun avenue to learn more about being Director of
Photography, Jake has filmed these artists: E40, Amerie, Mistah F.A.B., Nef the
Pharaoh, and Netta.
With Jake’s focus on employing effective storytelling techniques and constantly
looking at new and fresh ways to execute ideas, he continues to redefine what
“great” looks like and create videos of the highest quality.

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